Thursday, February 10, 2011


Note: "Moda" model.

Owner description: "Moda started production in 1988, ended in 1991. Only about 300 were made each year. Santana discontinued the Moda because it was starting to take to much time away from tandem frame manufacturing. In 1995, 100 more were TIG’ed after Santana found unopened tube sets.

I have had this bike in my store since it was new. Originally it was a neon pink and came with Campagnolo equipment. I rode it on just one ride. I sent it back to Santana and had it refinished and put on the XTR. It has never been on another ride, it is just too small for me.

It does have a couple of special features. I had rack braze-ons installed and I have the original Nivacrom fork for it.

The frame tubes were manufactured oval, in the direction to give the best rigidity and ride and are very thin, 0.4mm and 0.5mm w/0.7mm and 0.8mm butting. The frame is fillet brazed. The frame also has the original rear seat stay cable housing stop still installed. The original brakes were cantilevers.

Build details:
Size: Seat Tube 22” c-c; Top Tube 61cm c-c; Stand over height 34”

Shimano XTR 8 speed components
l Headset, Hubs 36h, Cassette 11-30, Chain, Crankset 170mm 48-34-24 (4-arm) and bottom bracket, F & R derailleurs, Rapidfire shifters and brake levers, V brakes

l Mavic 117 SUP CD rims
l Alloy purple nipples w/DT 14g stainless spokes
l Specialized Umma Gumma grey tires:
F = Shockmaster, R – Pro Control. PV Ultralight tubes. (Tires are more for looks now, and would need to be replaced if ridden regularly.)

SR La Prade seatpost w/Serfas Kevlar seat, blue

Campagnolo QR Seatpost binder

McMahon Titanium: 1” quill stem, 130cm and handlebar. Serfas blue glitter grips.

Specialized Ti shock forks (very similar to the Rock Shox Mag 21)

Weight: 25 lbs, on a scale that weights to the ½ lb."

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  1. I am the owner of this bike, it's serial number 50, likely built in 1989. It's still mint, but it's ridden. The Nivacrom fork is back where it belongs, on the bike. I was happy to find the original seller's ad from ebay here, I had forgotten some the original info, thanks.