Thursday, October 31, 2013

van Tuyl

van Tuyl "MAX" owned by reader Valentijn who also pointed me to this information about van Tuyl:

"Gijs van Tuyl is a bit a weird guy. Used to be quite a big race bike dealer in Zaltbommel, but went bankrupt for maybe 100 times. He was also always doing races, mainly in lower categories. Had bikes, frames and components produced with his own label. Somehow he wasn't able to invest time and money in the right business and screw up many times. For many years, the brand name was "Van Tuyl". It was pretty famous in NL and good riders like Richard Groenendaal and Marianne Vos rode his bikes. But a couple of years ago, business went wrong again and his business partner/investor kicked Gijs out. Although Gijs van Tuyl is not in that company anymore, the bikes are still labeled as Van Tuyl. See Right now, Gijs is still working in the bike branch, running a company with his private bike label "Apex" (, Quasar wheels and components and a bike shop 53-11:

Some frames (or many?) were built by Italian frame builder Andrea Pesenti or at least in his company. But Gijs also experimented with aluminium frames and even with Titanium frames from Russia."

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