Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Duncan, from Australia, writes in with, "Here is my KONA "Explosif" with its factory flame paint job, from the nineties....it has all the good gear from that time. Titanium bars, Magura Hydraulic rim brakes, Sugino MTB crankset, SRAM derailleurs, Mavic eyelet rims, a laid back Thompson Elite seatpost.

It is in retirement now , and its only ridden for fun and when its not raining. Its great fun to ride around town. I have fitted the white walls purely for aesthetics, and for the hell of it.

It feels more like a downhill bike than a cross country bike. It weighs a lot but it handles really well, it has a very long wheelbase and with the extra pounds of the frame and the fork it's very stable at high speeds. The frame is definitely sturdy, I'm sure if I fitted tractor tyres, a diesel engine, and a plough blade to it it wouldn't suffer at all. I'm a lightweight, so I really notice the weight.

I would hate to see it couped up not being used but running it into the ground as a genuine MTB would be a waste. This is my compromise and I really enjoy riding it from time to time, and it gets lots of attention."

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