Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Thanks to Steven for photos of his Duell and information about the brand:

Jan van Dalen was one of the top amateur cyclists of The Netherlands in the eighties. After his cycling career Jan has fully dedicated himself to one of his biggest passions, the building of professional racing cycles under the brand name Duell. It was 1986 when Jan made this decision and ever since it grew into the commercially strong brand it is today. In the nearly 30 years that he has been active als frame builder and businessman he has built custom frames for many professionals such as Leo van Vliet, Teun van Vliet, Bert Oosterbosch, Peter Pieters, Gerrit Solleveld, Robbie McEwen and Theo Bos. Jan stopped building frames and moved to Spain. There he is running a guest house for cyclists:

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  2. Did you find this from in Utrech, NL? A friend of mine there sold one about this size, not that long ago. Very cool bike.