Saturday, May 24, 2014


My thanks to Emanuel who writes, "I am a framebuilder at the old Simoncini shop. I recently built this MAX pista frame; it is ready for the painter but I prefer to leave frames unpainted so the work can be appreciated."

Read more about this MAX build at and you can find contact information there.

Note: The above blog entry was published in May, 2014. In April, 2016,  I received the following from Eugenio Simoncini (you can see Simoncini MAX frames here in the blog):
"I speak on behalf of Simoncini handcrafted frames regarding the Revanche frame in your blog. The frame in question is associated with the name "Revanche", trademark of Emanuel Ferretti properties. That frame, however, was built in our shop by our craftsmen . Emanuel Ferretti does not know how to weld, he has never welded a frame with his own hands. The frame in question was stripped when Emanuel stopped cooperating with us. So please change the page data and associate it with our name. We have taken the trouble to write to you because Ferretti has spread the rumor that the Simoncini company had closed its doors (to be able to lessen our brand and and potential customers).  In fact,  we are more active than ever. Our website is"

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  1. Hi Angelo,
    actually Emanuel is NOT a frame builder. I used to sell frames made in the Simoncini factory (which is not "old", but still working and actually more than before). The frame was made by our eld welder, at the moment with younger welders working with him. And we still produce Columbus Max frames.
    This, just to clarify.