Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Description: "Vintage MOLK (Switzerland) road bike frame/fork, Columbus Max. Probably made in early to mid 90s (was equipped with Campagnolo Record 8-speed Ergopower group). Probably custom tailored framework. Framework with Columbus MAX tubing and MOLK marked dropouts. Original paintwork in dark purple metallic with airbrushed gold coloured decaling. Chromed rear stays. Original matching fully chromed fork with Columbis MAX tubing."

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  1. This is a very similar frame to that I have on a Molk racer I've recently purchased. Certainly the Molk logo is the same as is the Cycles M Stans badge on the headstock! There is a transfer on the cross bar with ‘Syntace – The shape of victory – Jo Klieber, Germany’ written on it. The frame is built from Columbus tubing and all cables run through the frame tubes. The rear section of the frame and the front forks are fully chromed. All the fittings are Campagnolia (gears, chainwheels, front changer, head bearings, steering stem and seat post). The brakes are Delta Campagnolia and the wheel rims Mavic GP4s. Whilst I’m delighted with my purchase I’ve no idea what the bike is, where or when it was manufactured or if it significant in any way. If anyone can help me with any information please contact me on calum.melbourne@gmail.com Thank you! Calum